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A Prodigal Affair


A Prodigal Affair is a work of fiction that sets the stage to explore one man’s fight with his personal character building and self-examination. It is the story of a man’s fall and recovery from his own decisions as he struggles to balance his marriage, career, and his own burning desires. It is a look at how out of control life can become when we allow our choices to become larger than our belief or trust in God. In addition to the main character’s personal deterioration, the work casts shadows onto the affects brought to the circle of our life when we allow our morality to become circumvented by life’s situations.

The work allows the reader the opportunity to look into the mindset, situation, and events that not only create failures in our lives, but how often we compile those instances with continued bad choices. Within the pages, there are also intertwined within the pages, sound advice offered that should not only affect the literary characters, but which can also be applied to the lives of the readers.

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New Creation Church

Dr. Tyron Lane and his wife of 30+ years, Treasa, are the founders of the New Creation Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Their ministry is a church birthed out of obedience whose primary focus is on helping to restore all people to unity with God and each other through the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. This church pursues its mission through prayer, praise, worship, proclaiming the Gospel, all while promoting justice, peace, and love using the principles set forth within the pages of the Word of God.

Visit our website at: ThenewcreationchurchFW.org